BSFG meetings during the Summer Term 2019

30.04.19 (Tue), 4-6 pm (approx.), Room 1.006 (Celtic Department) — “The Gilded Wolves” (Roshani Chokshi) + “Brandon Sanderson”*

21.05.19 (Tue), 4-6 pm (approx.), Room 1.006 (Celtic Department) + “Grishaverse”*

17.06.19 (Mo), 4-6 pm (approx.), Room 1.006 (Celtic Department) + “Harry Potter”*

01.07.19 (Mo), 4-6 pm (approx.), Room 1.006 (Celtic Department) + “Juliet Marillier” / “Stephanie Garber”*

* refers to our little extra talks about other books you have read, following our normal meeting. If you want to do some extra reading, I will publish which books might be interesting for you to pick up here. Please do not hesitate to make suggestions. 

Please bring your own cup, some snacks (if you like) and your questions / ideas (!) concerning the book to our meetings. I will try to make tea for all of you and bring some vegan snacks. You can of course bring your favourite tea with you! The next book to read will be announced at the meetings, on the website and on Discord.

If you already are a BSFG member, please check your mails (more info in the latest e-mail). If you would like to join the group, you can still do so, please contact me.

If you took a really nice picture of this month’s book, you can send it to me and I will publish it on the website. You can also upload it on Discord (#pictures) and tell me that I am allowed to use it for the website…

Here’s mine:


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