A brief introduction to Brandon Sanderson

By Helena

Brandon Sanderson published his debut novel Elantris in 2005 and has made himself a home in the fantasy genre ever since. Apart from writing several independent novels such as the YA Reckoners series, Sanderson has also created a universe (‘Cosmere’) that connects several of his biggest projects with each other. A mutual backstory that is unraveled bit by bit in different novels provides background knowledge on his worldbuilding and magic systems and creates a storyline that goes beyond each individual book. His current project The Stormlight Archive is planned to be a ten novel installment which dives deeper into the history of the Cosmere with massive worldbuilding, epic battles and well-developed, lovable characters. Sanderson teaches creative writing classes at his university which can all be found online and has even created his own ‘Laws of Magic’:

  1. An author’s ability to solve conflict with magic is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to how well the reader understands said magic
  2. Limitations > Powers (flaws are more interesting than powers)
  3. Expand what you already have before you add something new

+ Bonus 0th Law: Always err on the side of what is awesome

Check out his website for his current projects and more info about literally everything: https://brandonsanderson.com/

Where to start reading/Selected Works:

Cosmere Works:
The Stormlight Archive series (starting with The Way of Kings)
Mistborn series (starting with The Final Empire)
– The Emporer’s Soul
(Hugo Award-winning novella)

Reckoners series (starting with Steelheart)
Alcatraz series (starting with Acatraz vs The Evil Librarians)
– Legion (series of novellas)

(Thank you, Helena!)


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