We will skype with the author of our third read (June)!

Our third book for BSFG will be the feminist dystopian novel “The Book of the Unnamed Midwife” by queer and Philip K. Dick award winning author and feminist essayist Meg Elison!

Meg will skype with us on June 17, 4.30pm (7.30am at her place) and is very much looking forward to all your questions! If you can somehow make it to our meeting in June, both Meg and myself would be thrilled. 🙂

The novel (978-1-5039-3911-0) is available at Witsch&Behrendt, you can either order it in the shop or on their website (https://www.schweitzer-online.de/buch/Elison/Book-Unnamed-Midwife/9781503939110/A36251026/?ipe=url_stack_id_prev%3D3).

It might take a few weeks to ship, yet (and I will repeat myself for all eternity): Support your local bookshop! ❤

I hope you are as excited as I am! I am also looking forward to our Terry Pratchett + Grishaverse meeting on May 21, where we will also talk about Roshani’s answers to your questions!

images Picture taken from Amazon.


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