Hay on Wye / Y Gelli = The Town of Books

Hay is a very small market town in Brecknockshire in Wales, very close to the English border and next to the river Wye. It is also the number one town for bibliophiles because there are more than two dozen bookshops, many of them second-hand or specialists.

There are books in small alleys, there’s a free range bookshop with an honesty box in front on the Castle, and they even transformed the old cinema into a gigantic bookshop! One bookshop has an entire room dedicated to different Penguin books, arranged by their colours.

There is also a book festival, the Hay Literary Festival, where the crème de la crème of international authors can be found in the summer. (I have yet to go there.)

If you want to visit and cannot go during the festival, go on a Thursday when there’s the market and you can buy fresh local or regional products in additions to all the books you didn’t think you needed.

It is my favourite place on Earth! Highly recommended. But beware: it’ll eat up all your money!

Hay also had a king who very recently died: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-49406605


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