Summary Hank Green Meeting

Thank you for the lively discussions and the new faces!

What we liked about “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing”:
– strong and funny narrator
– identity that was given to Carl
– enjoyable to read
– April takes things into her own hands
– ending (open, sequel?)
– social media approach good for those of us who are into social media stuff
– Dream Space really cool (“I like the strangeness of it”)
– relatable how April is stressed out by social media / Hank’s own experiences?
– mix of genres and media (tweets and emails in the novel) great
– atmosphere great

Things that we discussed / disliked:
– April a bit of a trope herself? Savy snarky girl, unstable relationships, dorky camera guy side-kick, sometimes it lacks depth (just like social media) –> tropes are also subverted, everyone sorta likeable
– bisexual protagonist great, but it hurt to see her play the lesbian for the media –> still she makes mistakes
– pacing good, but latter part could’ve been faster
– lots of telling, not showing // not having the feeling that we know enough
– viral videos random?, social media dangerous but fun
– April comparable to Greta Thunberg: voice of a movement, symbolic figure because she was one of the first to talk about it
– everybody suuuper handsome (YA trope!)
– body image wasn’t challenged
– we want to know more about the Carls ❤
– great message: online communities working together, doing good –> reminded us of the Sherlock Fandom at its height –> hive mind idea amazing
– Magic Castle (= club for magicians) super cool, but never mentioned again –> possibility that the Carls were all just a magic trick?
– the hand reminded us of: the Beatles (the Glove); a knight; Coraline (Neil Gaiman), the Addams Family
– Interesting genre: 2010s contemporary novel (issues, slang, nerdy), not really sci-fi/fantasy but sci-fi elements –> left in doubt; plus social media novel, maybe magical realism (Murakami: realistic setting and something unexplicable happens); Carls = intrusions, aliens, sci-fi, high-tech, dream-speace = virtual reality?, political thriller (reminded us of Eggers’ The Circle) + YA
– April millenial life crisis?


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