Summary Schwab meeting

What we liked:
– setting new and fresh, world-building nice, four Londons just cool
– magic system explained to Lila as an outsider — good way to do it
– Holland interesting character
– Bone magic violent and has a cost —> good and bad magic
– we’re fans of Kell’s coat
– less action, more story (but the action was nice)
– YA-ish, but supposedly adult? Surprisingly dark
– witty, funny, great dialogues; comic relief; jokes hide the seriousness
– great family relations (and how messy they can be)
– Kell being a smuggler between worlds is great

What we discussed:
– Lila a bit messed up? Does not reflect enough on what she does? Maybe her air of aloofness is just a facade? Too ambitious? Too cool?
– Why force a romance? It would’ve worked well without K. and L. falling in love. Felt off to many. Isn’t it possible to have a book without a love story?
– Kell lowkey gay? And then denied.
– We want to know more about the Londons and their different political issues? What about other parts of the country? We also want to see “Everything”, just like Lila.
– And why is White London between Black and Red? Why not Black, Grey, Red, White? How does it work with magic leaking into other worlds?

Harry Potter discussions:
– We love Harry Potter and are fond of it, but we think JK Rowling should just stop and let it be (not destroy it). We can still like things even though we disagree with their creator.
– Many of us dislike Snape and how he is hyped. (Others love him despite his toxicity.)
– Fanfiction the result of lack of queer romances in the novels, e.g. Sirius and Remus fanfiction.
– Despite how cute their love story was, Tonks and Remus relationship felt a bit weird / rushed. Everyone is expected to start a family right away. Remus being loved despite his illness is a nice message (and maybe an HIV metaphor).
– Harry and Hermione expected to become a couple, didn’t. Nice. Harry marrying into the Weasley family is wholesome.


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