Summary Novik meeting

Things we liked:
– “Once upon a time”, backdrop of fairy tale, horror elements, style and themes change, interesting (war, court games)
– how the magic worked: book vs. natural magic
– unwilling wizard (like Howl) being annoyed –> draws on fairy tale tropes
– protagonist not as pretty & perfect as Krasia –> the Dragon cannot get his marriage
– interactions are funny
– turned out completely different from what it started off with
– humour excellent, very dry
– friendship between A. & K. great
– interesting world-building that felt alive
– Slavic mythology nice but not overburdening
– Dragon has to go back to her, good message, he has to commit
– story transcends the tropes
– bends of genres makes it accessible

What we discussed:
– novel wants to be too much — some would have preferred it to stick to one thing
– Prince Marik not likeable and isn’t supposed to be
– Cthulhu trees creepy af
– Joint magic very intimate –> balance; Dragon socially inept –> not being able to deal with people
– abusive / problematic behaviour of the Dragon cannot be accepted by all members, especially in the beginning // women being captured, first moments with him creepy – touches her against her will, victim blaming, could’ve been a great friendship, she could’ve stayed in the tower but she’s staying
– no typical love story, author does not force them together, sex on A.’s terms (equal pleasure)

Thank you for the exquisite discussions!!!!

Extra talk – Jay Kristoff:

Jay Kristoff (*1973) is an Australian sci-fi and fantasy author for both adult and young adult readers. He’s mostly known for “The Illuminae Files” he co-authored with Amie Kaufman and “The Nevernight Chronicle”, an Italian revenge tragedy / play inspired fantasy trilogy. He also wrote “The Lotus War” series (3 books), “Lifel1k3” (3 books), and “The Aurora Cycle”, again co-authored with Amie Kaufman (3 books).

We briefly discussed the “Nevernight” series, which some of us really enjoyed apart from the last book. If you’re into a revenge story with really cool assassins (cooler than Maas’ “Throne of Glass” series), pick it up! 🙂 The “Illuminae Files” are also really cool sci-fi books transgressing the limitations of the text with pictures, call-logs, chats and text in pictures.

If you have any other recommendations, let me know.


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