October book

BSFG Reads

Becky Chambers “The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet” – Sci-fi, humanistic, funny, queer, and wholesome! A BSFG favourite!

Roshani Chokshi “The Gilded Wolves” – Poco, fin-de-siècle YA fantasy, a great heist

Genevieve Cogman “The Invisible Library” – Various parallel universes more or less chaos-infested, book heists, dragons, funny!

Bridget Collins “The Binding” – Slightly Gothic, queer, bind your memories in a book

Philip K Dick “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” – Where does personhood begin, are androids persons, weird owls, dystopia

Meg Elison “Book of the Unnamed Midwife”* – Feminist / Queer dystopia that is better than “Handmaid’s Tale”

Hank Green “An Absoluteley Remarkable Thing” – Social media, fame, is it sci-fi???

NK Jemisin “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” – Enslaved Gods, a heterogenous Empire, Othering

Dianna Wynne Jones “Howl’s Moving Castle” – Witches, old crones, flamboyant wizards and a lot of cleaning!

Mary Robinette Kowal “The Calculating Stars” – Alternate History, Sci-fi set in 1952, dystopia?

Ursula Le Guin “The Lathe of Heaven” – Sci-Fi where a man can change the world in his dreams, would you end racism, for example?

Kirsty Logan “The Gloaming” – Queer, mermaids, Scotland, beautiful prose, a bit weird, a BSFG favourite

Seanan McGuire “Every Heart a Doorway”* – What happens when you return from the Rabbit Hole? Murder, mystery, queer representation

Naomi Novik “Uprooted” – Fairy tale-ish fantasy standalone novel inspired by Slavic / Russian mythology

Nnedi Okorafor “Binti”* – Himba math genius goes to space university, Nausicaa in space?

Terry Pratchett “The Wee Free Men” – Comic fantasy with Witches and Wee Scotsmen, fairy tale-ish, smart, one of Marthe’s absolut favourites

Natasha Pulley “The Watchmaker of Filigree Street” – Magical realism, romance, Victorian London, a cute mechanical octopus named Katsu, a Japanese watchmaker.

Rebecca Roanhorse “Trail of Lightning”* – Indigenous urban fantasy, tricksters, trauma! A BSFG favourite!

V.E. Schwab “A Darker Shade of Magic” – 18th century, four Londons, magic, entertaining

Martha Wells “All Systems Red” – Murderbot with social anxiety and a Netflix addiction has to save humans in space

* Trigger Warnings for Violence. Also in general, ask when in doubt, different things can be perceived as triggering for different people!


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