Winter Dates + Movie Mondays


22.10., 4pm “Read a previous BSFG book”
3.11., 4pm Frank Herbert “Dune” + “Dune” (1984)* movie night at 8pm
3.12., 4pm Neil Gaiman “Stardust” + Movie Night “Stardust”* 8pm
7.1.21, 4pm tba
4.2.21, 4pm tba
4.3.21, 4pm tba

Meetings take place via the voice chat of our Discord Server.

Coping-with-Corona-Movie-Nights (movies voted for by the group):

Halloween: 19.10. Hotel Transylvania; 26.10. Ghostbusters, 2.11. Ghostbusters (2016)
Autumn: 16.11. Sleepy Hollow; 23.11. Klaus 30.11. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Christmas: 14.12.
Dystopia: 11. + 25.1.2021
Fairy Tale: 8. + 22.2.2021
Space: 8. + 15.3.2021

Press PLAY at 8pm sharp and then chat away using our Discord Server!

* These movies are not available via Netflix, however, you can watch them for free during a free trial version, so that should be okay, I hope.

Thank you, Lisa, for this beautiful flyer! ❤

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