Summary “Sandman” (Audiobook) by Neil Gaiman

What we enjoyed about the audiobook:

  • Narration amazing, Neil Gaiman a great narrator
  • Great voice-actors, felt more like a theatre production
  • Great usage of the medium: audiobook
  • Easy to follow, atmospheric music in the background
  • “It was amazing”
  • Several voice-actors was great for a change (not just one person reading the book aloud)
  • One of us now prefers the audiobook to the comic
  • DC references in audiobook, John Constantine, weird cross-over for people for people who did not know Sandman & DC were a thing (confusing!)
  • Admiration von Gaiman’s creativity, gifted
  • Strength of this audiobook: voice-actors
  • Easy to follow, very immersive, different voices really helped
  • Diversity and variety of stories being told brilliant
  • Collection of stories, Morpheus really cool
  • Death is brilliant, interactions with Morpheus rewarding
  • Favourite episodes for some: Serial Convention, Corinthian character cool, enjoyable
  • Morpheus meeting the person in a pub over the centuries, really cool idea
  • Shakespeare episode absolutely stunning; comic better: translates not as well into the medium of an audiobook than the others
  • Stories right in the beginning, immersive, Morpheus as captive and grumpy really cool, learning more about Morpheus, searching for the three artefacts brilliant, intriguing
  • Vastness of the stories also impressive
  • James McAvoy great job
  • Whimsical in parts, favourite. Humanising Morpheus great!
  • Episode with the cats brilliant; idea of cats meeting and listen to the storyteller cat; how cats were before when cats ruled the humans
  • Comic: “Seasons of Mist” a favourite. Auction, ghost story, horror
  • Extra: “I probably won’t make it today but I wanted to thank you for suggesting “The Sandman”. I enjoy audiobooks because listening to them allows me to read even if I’m not really reading 😅🙈 “The Sandman” was a feast for my ears – beautifully narrated! And it was inspiring on so many levels, Mr Gaiman’s works usually are – but such horror from him was quite new to me. It’s a genre I started to enjoy since the start of the pandemic (wonder why tho)”

What we discussed:

  • Kitschy style not as much in Sandman (comic)
  • Morpheus modelled after Gaiman? Bit much? 😀
  • Sometimes too dark, too violent, too grim, audiobook very intimate experience
  • Gruesome, unusual for some of us, “I had no idea what I was signing up for”
  • Structure confusing for some of us, learned that the music showed that a single story was over and a new one was starting
  • Episodic structure confusing at parts, random new characters
  • Gorey bits too intense, coffeehouse scene too much, “I can’t handle that right now”
  • Too many characters to follow casually, not enough time with each of them
  • Hard to listen to in the background, one really needs to pay attention
  • Disturbing serial killer convention, hilarious yet dark
  • Darker bits enjoyable in shorter time spans


  • Not finished yet, but “I enjoyed it” while knitting / painting, will listen to the second instalment, 4.5/5 Stars
  • 5/5 despite the goriness + confusion; “so immersive”, due to the format, graphic novels very different vibe
  • 4.5/5 vibe great; audiobook format really good; mystical, dreamy; will listen to the second one too
  • 4/5, comics more enjoyable than the audiobooks; read all the comics, then listen to the other audiobook instalments
  • 5/5, brilliant, mind-blowing, medium perfect for the short story style
  • 4/5, some episodes not enjoyable, later ones too dark
  • Between 4.5 and 5 for me:) LOVED how immersive it was and all the ideas he came up with. Plus I think the German word “Hörspiel” fits so well here! 🙂

Other books we discussed / recommend:

  • “Iron Widow” by Xiran Jay Zhao: new favourite book, China’s only female Emperor, alternate universe, goes again patriarchy; poly and queer rep, references to mythology great
  • “The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels” – India Holton: Victorian, funny, great
  • “The Secret History” by Donna Tartt: dark academia, perfect for the season, kids annoying
  • “Haunting Season”: great scary gothic short stories by Bridget Collins, Natasha Pulley etc.
  • Avatar (ATLA) comics are brilliant!

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