Winners of the First Giveaway

Eleanor’s favourite book of 2019: “My favourite book of 2019 so far: I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. It’s not really speculative fiction, though it touches upon it, as it has a lot of magical realism in it. just really really loved it – the characters, the very poetic language, the intertwining stories… It’s beautiful and dramatic and incredibly funny a lot of times. Reading this felt as if the author peeked right into my soul. Easily one of the best YA books for me!”

Runa’s favourite book of 2019 is Neil Gaiman’s & Terry Pratchett’s “Good Omens”: “How can Armageddon be this much fun !? Or – a treasure trove of joy in form of a novel
It may certainly not be a hidden gem and many might sigh at reading something
about this book yet again. But taking into account that the task here was to talk about
my favourite book this year and not about an insider tip – I consider myself to have
no other choice. By now I do not only call this work my most loved piece of fiction
this year, I simply call it my favourite book. Ever. Despite a decent lack of time in my
schedule whilst reading it, I just had to finish this book in one go, meanwhile steadily
emptying the pictured box of tea and postponing every activity I had planned.
Friends, pen-pals, family and distant internet acquaintances are being bombarded
with copies of this treasure by me and you should get one too. I (humbly) do not care
the slightest if you have already watched the series. This book is an accumulation of
scenes so detailed and of language so unique that no screen format could ever capture
its whole glory. I will restrain from attempting to describe the storyline of this book.
Firstly because most of you will probably already have heard of Good Omens at this
point and secondly because the pleasures of this piece of writing can not be explained
by mere description of the plot. However, if you have never heard of it anyway, feel
free to google the cover text right now. What makes this book as exceptional as it is
are a number of things not easily described. Amongst others, it is the emotions it
evokes that make it so delightful. It is the wonderful combination of two inimitable
styles of writing that make it so satisfying. And it are the philosophical observations
of humanity that are not dry and boring but ‘au contraire’ endlessly funny, which
make it so entertaining. I laughed, I cried – mostly from said laughing but also
because of extremely touching and heart-warming moments – I made funny noises, I
summoned all of my restraint in order not to spoil my significant other with another
brilliant scene every two minutes. I flipped the pages impatiently, eager to find out
what happens next. And when I was finished I quietly smiled and my heart smiled
with me and I thought to myself : “Well maybe, just maybe, there is a lot more hope
left for humanity than I thought there was”. You tell me – what else would you want
from a book, than excellent writing, a captivating plot, an incomparable humour and
a feeling at the end of it that tells you ‘Everything is going to be ok.’? I certainly do
not know and if you don’t have an answer to that either, then what are you waiting
for? Go on, make your local bookseller happy and order a copy of this treasure trove
of joy. Or two. Or three.”

Stefanie’s favourite book of 2019:
One of my favourite books this year is Kai Meyer’s “Die Krone der Sterne”, the beginning of a trilogy (I also recommend the sequels!). The novel is set in the fictional universe of Tiamande in which Iniza, a young princess, has her hands full trying to avoid being abducted by the shady order of witches reigning Tiamande. While on the run through space, Iniza and her boyfriend Glanis unexpectedly form alliances with Kranit, a legendary if aging warrior, and Shara Bitterstern, merchant and pilot of a crescent shaped space ship, and they soon find that it is not only Iniza’s personal future that is in jeopardy but that of Tiamande itself. I loved this novel in particular for the banter and extremely dry humour of Kranit and Shara which nicely balances the more serious elements of the story, the well-crafted characters, the skilful drip-feeding of the backstory (both on character level as well as overall), and the frequent cliff-hangers and unexpected twists – a very enjoyable mix of fantasy and science fiction!