Summary Gaiman/Pratchett

What we enjoyed about “Good Omens”:
– series captures the book quite well, watching the series first shaped the reading experience
– “I loved the humour”
– reminded us of Adam’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”
– dynamic between C. and A. great, we ship them
– book feels quite whole despite the two authors
– funny, laughing a lot, witty contrasted with deep, touching moments
– “really really entertaining”
– who wrote what question interesting — which parts are Gaiman, which parts are Pratchett
– combination of humour and witty writing style, topic end of the world hilarious
– angel and demon working against the end of the world stunning
– apocalyptic stuff hilarious, we gotta save the world
– theological detail subverted, turned around, well done
– well written
– beginning of the novel hilarioius: debuking theories, adding another theory, someone really worked their way through the material and then made fun of it
– Four Riders really cool!
– Extraordinary ordinary characters, book pays attention to so many people
– Obscure fun, “it’s raining fish? Nice”, really enjoyable
– Mirroring groups cool: heaven vs. hell, four riders vs. the them
– Intertextual references fun
– multi perspectives cool but also overdoing it
– annotations(footnotes funny but sometimes disturb the reading flow
– best part: hellhound part hilarious
– combining all the storylines in the end: impressive
– A. & C. great: “ineffable husbands”, platonic friends, classic trope of bickering old friends, not queerbaiting?
– 6.5 out of 10 pentagrams 😀 “was funny”, enjoyable
– 4/5 stars because some parts could’ve been cut
– mostly “it was a great book”
– with more knowledge on theology and occultism parts of the book would’ve been even more fun
– TV show in many regards better than the book, especially because it focusses more on A. & C.
– copy of the book in the Vatican library? 😀 Joke from the foreword –> occult or satanic work? LOL “devilish funny little question”
– petition against the show because it’s anti-religious (weird!)

What we discussed:
– humour not working for everyone
– deadpan, anarchistic humour sometimes a bit tedious / annoying
– humour also depends on the mood
– names funny yet also a bit annoying, “a bit much”
– hard to really immerse into the book
– it depends on the mood how much we enjoy the book
– so many different perspectives annoying (A. & C. were great! The Them were pretty annoying but they’re cool in the TV show)
– unpopular opinion: the book would be better if 100 pages were cut 😀
– TV show better 😀

Other books we talked about:
– “When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain”: fun, too short, free read nice!
– “Die Welt ohne Fenster”, written by a 12yo girl and immediately became a bestseller, at the age of 25 the author left home and husband and vanished, bought because of the author’s biography
– “Remote Control” by Nnedi Okorafor: African futurism, interesting take on death, technical progress
– “Normal People” by Sally Rooney: 5/5, special relationship between two people, beautifully written, “made me feel bad sometimes”
– “All the Light We Cannot See”: quite interesting read, set during WWII, recommendable
– “Heartstopper” by Alice Oseman: uplifting, sweet, wholesome; can be read for free online!
– Mistborn #1 by Sanderson: really cool, dystopian fantasy, scifi-ish, inventive, had some lengths
– Stormlight Archives brilliant! (Sanderson), also connected to the Mistborn series and other COSMERE books


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