Masked Ball October 31

You can sign up for the Ball NOW and until October 27:

Please be aware that:

– You need a negative COVID test

– You need to bring the 2€ entry fee for drinks

– You need to bring your own glass/plate & cutlery

– You need to be masked & in costume

– Optional: bring vegan or veggie snacks for everyone to share

There will be Ceilidh dancing, Tarot readings, and a lot of fun. Please be aware that there might be ghosts, vampires, and other creepy creatures lurking in the dark!

The event takes place in Room 1.006 in the Celtic Department which is at the other end of the main building basically. If you’re standing at Sinn & Leffers & you’re looking at the main building, you will notice a small entryway that leads you into Etscheidhof. Turn right, there is a glass door, proceed to the first floor, turn right again. You’re not in Narnia, you’ve found our Samhain Masked Ball!

The event is limited to 50 participants. Please only register if you plan on coming and if you can no longer make it, please deregister so your spot is free again!


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