Summary Rice

Things we liked about the book:

  • Psychological dimension interesting; existential crisis of Louis, mortality
  • Philosophical dimension interesting
  • Louis unwillingly funny, not always serious and creepy
  • Hella gay
  • Practical language
  • Only having one person to rely on / trust; Louis / Lestat difference nice
  • Louis heavily dislikes him but mourns him
  • Setting, clichee Gothic-ness of it all
  • Vibes are great, atmosphere, darkness
  • Transformation of stereotypes, debunking garlic, but still sleep in coffins
  • “the whole on drugs feeling of it” is enjoyable
  • Things escalate quickly, guilty pleasure watching it
  • Claudia angelic ethereal creature (innocence, doll) vs. her mean spirit
  • Transformation throughout the novel
  • Claudia a very tragic character (inspired by Anne Rice’s real daughter)
  • Extremes of morality portrayed: nihilism vs. hedonism, existentialism, moral conflicts galore
  • Louis fun emo vampire
  • Framing device really cool, interviewer too scared, Louis can’t stop talking
  • Louis’ dady issues are hilarious
  • Power and control fascinating
  • Red flags everybody!!!!
  • Part 1 great, part 2 meh
  • Language nice, poetic, creates a vivid sense of place and atmosphere
  • Beautiful language, monologues: “that’s the drama I want from a vampire”
  • We want blood!
  • Genre-defining book
  • Time fascinating
  • Lack of morality fascinating
  • Le Fanu as a blueprint: also super toxic
  • Your own conscience worse than anything else

Things we discussed:

  • Infuriating ending: “make me a vampire” after hours of drama and trauma
  • Excessively long descriptions or dialogues, could’ve been cut
  • Europe part too short, Eastern Europe artifical, nothing felt authentic, nothing added up
  • Racism / slavery depiction terrible, great deconstruction in the new series
  • Very (terribly) white
  • Lestat’s obsession with Louis weird; turned him because of his money; toxic
  • Lestat’s father story weird
  • Lestat lonely, too proud to be honest, no healthy relationship in this entire book
  • Relationship with Claudia is really icky
  • Claudia seems much more mature, calls her “lover”, sooo problematic, pedophilia much????
  • Claudia terribly sexualized, disgusting

How would you rate the book?

  • 3/5 teeth because of morality
  • 3/5 some parts enjoyable/funny
  • 3/5 bit boring at times, language nice, no good characters, “I just like the villains”
  • 3.5/5 childsize coffins
  • 3.5/5 bites
  • 2.5/5 “this one’s too much for me”
  • 3.5/5 philosophical depression, also for a book from 1976 despite all the problematic bits quite nice and gay
  • 3/5 easy to read, not hard to read
  • 4/5 world shattering
  • 3/5 “I wish it was not from Louis’ perspective”


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