Summary Morgenstern

What we enjoyed about the book:

  • Setting and time great, fluffy story, very detailed, expanded throughout the novel
  • “Completely fell in love with it”
  • Writing style creates magic
  • Atmosphere and immersion great
  • Would love to read another story set in the same universe
  • Best part of it was the magical setting and vibe
  • “Night Circus” idea was so wonderful
  • Wonderful world
  • Shows described in quite a lot of detail, at first boring and then it became more interesting
  • “Very enchanting”
  • Story boring when reading it for the second tme, enchantment better when one reads it for the first time
  • Right headspace needed
  • One person’s Secret Santa gift was this book and it was quite enchanting, but also very criticial –> maybe better to read it when one is younger
  • Fairy tale style
  • So much unused potential
  • Dreamers really cool
  • Childlike wonder created very well
  • Twins are col and sweet
  • Ballroom scene cool
  • Conversation about stories great
  • Tarot foreshadowing cool

What we discussed:

  • Plot and characters not that great
  • If details annoy you, then the book isn’t for you
  • Borderline abuse of the pupils was terrible
  • Main characters showed little emotion and the reader received very little insight –> frustrating
  • Fairy tale style also explains the lack of emotions
  • Romance a bit boring
  • Underwhelmnig story, big setup and lots of foreshadowing and then nothing
  • Readers don’t really understand *why* the two main characters fall in love, it’s very distant
  • Ending super anticlimatic
  • Lovers have no chemistry???
    Ending confusing
  • W. telling the story cool, but how the plot is resolved was meh
  • Magic system quite weak
  • Maybe more clarity would have helped create more suspense
  • Reader kept in the dark for too long: bargain should have been introduced earlier
  • Father as ghost terrible, stalking


  • 3/5 stars lot of shortcomings but a great sense of wonder, parts enjoyable
  • 5 stars when reading it for the first time
  • 4.5 stars now so many issues but still really nice, “I truly connect with it”
  • Was a 5 star rating 10 years ago, now a solid 3/5

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