Today’s meeting & Brandon Sanderson & our next book

Thanks so much for all of you who showed up for our first meeting. We had some nice tea (let me know what other sorts of tea you want!) & cookies & excellent discussions.

Things we talked about and about which we will continue to talk on Discord or in person:
– Does magic need to make sense, e.g. have a system? Does it need limitations? What impact does it have on the “magician”? Is forging magic? Is it more like magical crafting (steampunk-ey)?
– Different mythologies, e.g. Greek and Etruscan deities of death as the names of the houses; why the biblical allusions, e.g. Order of Babel? Where does it go?
– Some things we liked: diverse characters, take on racism, colonialism, multiculturalism, writing style, heist story, Hypnos
– Our best guesses as to what is going to happen in #2!
– Some things we disliked: vague “magic”, so many characters with just one very important trait, YA sexual tension, enemies, how blunt Paris remains when it could be so much more interesting
–> Yet, most of us enjoyed the book nevertheless. What else did you like or dislike? Let us know in the comments or via Discord! 🙂 (Let me know if I forgot something important…)

Roshani has not sent back answers to our questions yet, but you will receive them as soon as they are made available!

A short intro into Brandon Sanderon will follow here soon. You can buy tickets for the Sanderson event in Bonn on May 15 on the second floor of Thalia Metropol. More info here:
Some of us will be there, join us!
the_wee_free_men1Our next read will be “The Wee Free Men” by Terry Pratchett. (I told you, you would have to read some Pratchett at some point!) Please support your local bookstore and buy it at Witsch & Behrendt. They should have some copies for you right now, but you can always order some more for the next day. Local Bookstores ❤

If you have already read “The Wee Free Men”, please pick up the next Tiffany novel:

#2 A Hat Full Of Stars
#3 Wintersmith
#4 I Shall Wear Midnight
# 5 The Shepherd’s Crown

If you have already finished all of these, please enjoy “Equal Rites” (Witches #1)

Picture taken from:

I am looking forward to our next meeting on May 21. Let me know how you like the Pratchett so far, I will edit the Discord channels accordingly.


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